Life after PRA
European Reintegration Grants (ERG):  Handbook

Marie Curie general program:  Website

Fulbright grants:  Website

Opportunities in the UK
(last updated: 26 July 2004):

- General job search for academia:
- Probably the most comprehensive website is
- Higher Education & Research Opportunities in the UK:  Website
- Opportunities in the UK collected at the University of Glasgow:  Website 

- Newspapers:
- The Guardian Higher Education:  Website
- The Times Higher Education:  Website 
- The Independent:  Website

Opportunities in Germany
(last updated: 23 July 2004):

- General job search for academia:
- Most jobs are posted (if they are posted) in the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit": (go to "Jobs").
- There is also a special site for psychologist (not only academia):
- German Academic Exchange Service:

- Humboldt foundation: Gives grants to researchers from overseas to visit Germany and for german scientists to visit researchers who visited Germany via the Humboldt foundation.

- Emmy Noether program of DFG: Gives grants up to 6 years for german scientists to first visit another country and then to return to Germany and build a research group:

- Max-Planck Institutes: Might be searching for post-docs. Might be worth to have a look at different institutes. General pages of Max-Planck society are:
The most interesting institutes for our kids might be:

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